How to Hang an Inside Mount Roman Shade

Pre-drill two holes in the shade mounting block for screws.  Use screws that are a minimum length of 2 inches to fasten the shade to the 2 x 4 inside the window frame (use 3 inch screws for shades in which the screw must go through the mounting block the long way).  Use drywall anchors sufficient to hold 50 pounds of down force if it is not possible to fasten the shade to a stud in the window frame.

Ideally, the shade should be positioned such that the fabric of the shade sits just outside of the window frame.  Often the shade is slightly wider than the window frame.

If your shade does not have an integrated valence, then you may detach the Velcro holding the shade to the mounting block in order to straighten the shade in relation to the window and to raise and lower the shade slightly, as needed.

When the shade is first hung on and secured to the window frame, raise the shade all the way and fix the pleats.  Keep the shade in this position for several days in order to “train” the fabric.

The shades cording system is in compliance with the Window Covering Safety Regulations. Please do not alter it by tying the multiple pull cords into one knot as that would make it possible for a person to suffocate in the knotted cord.

Due to the nature of the safety casing in which the cording is enclosed, the shade may require additional adjustments when pulling the shade up only partially.


Updated: 5/7/2012


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