Behind the Curtains

In the past few years we have made hundreds of Roman Shades and other custom window treatments. We look forward to making yours.


Melissa Laymon was trying to live on $30 when she was in undergrad and her husband was in law school. That didn’t leave much money for curtains, but Melissa was never one to let her windows go unclothed. She made her own window treatments from whatever material she could find.

One evening, some relatives saw a Roman Shade Melissa had made. They commented that they had priced some shades at a home improvement store, and the price was unbelievable. Melissa soon made shades for her relatives’ new home, and she launched Window Treatments by Melissa to help other people get a great deal on a custom window treatment.

We have seamstresses across the United States sewing window treatments with individual attention and care. Our treatments are the perfect accent for any room, and they are special made to fit your window. Simply select what kind of treatment you wish to order, and it only takes a few minutes before your order is submitted.


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Windows by Melissa